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This Little Green Pill is Changing Lives…

I’ve been taking this elev8 product for 2 months… now my sister takes it as well… more energy and the whole idea of being more epic is what got me interested at first.  Once I learned I get 50% commissions on upfront sales I actually ‘fell into business’ if that’s a thing. Our friends kept asking us what we were up to, so we shared about it and now my sis and I are thinking of sharing B-Epic full time.  Seriously, this second month I already have money coming in.  I could talk all day about it… and I plan on doing just that!

KAY MOORE  //  Epic Designer

Becoming Epic

Ok, here’s a bit of a story if you can bear to read it. I’ve worked nights for years, and when I get off of work I typically head over to help my brother out who does dock work over here in Atlantic Beach.   For a long time everything was ok; I had gotten used to long hours, but in the last few years I began having major sleep and energy issues.  This is definitely because of my insane schedule.  I found out about B-Epic from a guy my brother works with. He said I should try it since he’s also got crazy hours and it’s helping him.  I first was onto elev8, which did help overall with energy – but to be honest I didn’t have a real positive change until I paired it with the acceler8. That combo both have me boost I needed from the elev8 and the rest I needed with the acceler8 combination.  Since all this has happened I also learned on youtube about the business.  Me, my brother, and the friend who told me about it are all in on this thing now.  Fast forward to today; I’m replacing my night job income by sharing my story about all this, and I’m super excited – it’s good to feel awesome again instead of dragging myself along here and there.  

PHILIP JACOBSON  //  Epic Night Manager

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